Aamir Ali worries about his friend refusing to leave Ukraine | Internet series

The actor says that his close friend Kuldeep Kumar, a Ukrainian resident, does not want to leave the war-torn country.

Amir Ali prays that the Ukraine war will end soon. In an Instagram story, the actor posted some photos of the devastated state of the country and wrote “# Peace #Novar #Ukraine”.

Ali says he is closely monitoring the situation as his close friend Kuldeep Kumar is still there. “He is married to an Indian, a Ukrainian, and he has two children.” The actor reveals that he advised Kumar to leave the war-torn country and that Kumar was “engaged in a fight” because he ignored Ali’s demands. “This is my country, I can not leave,” says Kuldeep. He has lived in Kiev for 25 years, running a restaurant and business.

Kuldeep Kumar and Aamir Ali
Kuldeep Kumar and Aamir Ali

However, after Ali realizes that it will not happen, he leaves his friend alone and now invites him to continue watching only. “He lives in the suburbs, so he is currently safe. He says he hears bombings and sirens every day. Also, Kuldeep is not at home; he goes out every day to help anyone he can. In fact, he helped many Indians evacuate the city,” Ali said. He shares, “The Ukrainians are suffering a lot. I hope this war will end soon.

The 44-year-old has befriended Kumar through common friends, and the two have been in contact for many years: “We have been friends for 10-15 years and we get along well. I have visited his home in Ukraine several times in the past, including visits for work. It is a beautiful country and such loving people. After all that they have gone through, I have no idea how they will recover.

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