You’re a newbie. Your goal is establishing a global brand. You want every customer to feel your presence across the world. With this reality, you need an international platform. You understand that making a global brand requires a reputational platform. The platform must provide you with the necessary features for enhancing your customer engagement and boost your sales. Also, it should enable you to beat your competitors. However, you are on the crossroad. Your efforts in getting a reliable platform for selling to the global audience are not bearing fruit. On checking your competitors, their sales are surging per dawn. Also, they are attracting a new audience from each corner of the world. If you are wondering which magic they are using, you need to worry no more. No magic or miracle. Here are the three least-known international e-commerce platforms to beat your competitors:

­ WooCommerce

  Are you running an e-commerce blog? Maybe you are offering information to customers on how to choose the best electronics. Or else, you are guiding them in the best place to buy clothes online. Due to the helpful and resourcefulness of your content, you have built a strong following. Also, your blog is scoring high on the search engine. After some moment, you have realized that offering information to your customers is not enough.

You need to provide the solution you’re recommending to them. In simple terms, you want to start selling products online. If this is your case, WooCommerce is your choice. This free WordPress plugin enables you to turn your blog into an e-commerce website. Hence, you avoid losing your audience and enhance your online sales.

­ Magento

Magento is a leading open source international e-commerce platform. It is a good option when uniqueness and standing out from the crowd are your priorities. Magento gives you access to the backend codes. With this access, you can tweak or modify the codes to create a site that tallies with your preference and business needs. However, you must possess the coding knowledge to use this platform. Or else you should have the capacity to hire a developer. If you do not have these abilities, you should seek another alternative as Magento will be a bad idea.

­ Shopify

Shopify is the top ranking hosted international e-commerce platform. It is a home for a hundred thousand online stores. So, if you want to become a king in your niche, then you should consider it. Shopify provides you with great features to enable you to realize your online goals.