Multi Channel Retailing Examples of Brands with Excellent Experience

What is a multi-channel retailing experience? How to build your experience strategy? Here is multi channel retailing examples of brands with an excellent experience!

The more technology develops and advances, there more it is integrated into our personal and business lives. As you read this article, we assume you have a few devices within your arms’ reach. We cannot argue about the fact that technology has become more important than ever to our day-to-day living.

As people change their marketers, behaviors, salespeople, and customer support reps will need to do something. Instead of thinking of traditional or desktop experience, a tablet experience or mobile experience, you will need to pursue one better approach – a multi-channel retailing experience that potential customers can use whenever they want.

The multi channel retail is an approach that provides the customers with an integrated customer experience. Your customers can be shopping online from a mobile device, a desktop PC, by telephone, in a physical store, and the experience would be seamless.

It is important for you to understand both approached – multi channel retailing and omnichannel retailing. It comes down to the depth of integration. Remember that all omni-channel experiences will use multiple channels, however, not all multi-channel experiences are omni-channel. For example, you can have engaging social media campaigns, mobile marketing, and a well-designed website. If they don’t work together, it is not omni-channel.

Today, the multi-channel retailing experience is what most companies and brands invest in. They usually have a blog, website, Facebook, Twitter, and etc. and they use each of these marketplaces and platforms to connect with their potential customers.

Every business and brand must develop its own multi-channel retailing experience and we recommend you to work closely with several departments in your company to build this strategy. You can look for product, sales, marketing, customer support, and customer success stakeholders and once everyone knows the goals of your strategy, you can start planning your transition.

It is one thing to talk about the practice and theory or multi channel customer experience and it is something else to see amazing companies that are implementing it in their business strategies. Some of the best multi channel retailing examples of brands with an excellent experience are Disney, Virgin Atlantic, Bank of America, Oasis, Starbucks, REI, and Chipotle.

Disney, for example, gets multi-channel retailing right and focuses on the smallest details. The company takes things one step further with the release of the Magic Band program. The tool acts as a hotel room key, a food ordering tool, and a photo storage device. Disney is definitely leading the way in terms of multi channel experience and it is a great example for you to follow.

Virgin, for example, leads the way in different aspects of multi-channel marketing, however, this company seems to best describe the types of things that can happen when all employees and channels work together seamlessly.



Online store


Bank of America, on the other side, takes their multi-channel development pretty seriously. It is one of the biggest brands in the industry and apparently, they are setting the standard for a dynamic experience which allows for everything, from appointment scheduling to check depositing to be handled by the apps.

Technology has come a long way and this is a chance for the smallest companies and brands to engage with their customers, no matter what they are doing, where they are, and what device they are using. If you are interested in enjoying more sales and increased sales, it is time for you to find a multi channel selling platform and build your own multi channel selling strategy. Good luck!